The Weekly Guide

Week 3 - Open Learning Activity

At the meeting

A. Check-in:

What is working/not working for your match since you last met?

Share your social activities ideas and obtain feedback, and, if your match is ready, a commitment to attend one of these activities (remembering to check-in whether you going along with your match, just for the first instance, would assist).

Introduce the The Sharing Tree as a key community connection network; where your match can either share something or access an activity/help themselves. Show your match the web-site and what is on offer or being requested.

B. Activity:

At this meeting with your match, you will build on identifying their passions, talents and values by completing
 the second Open Learning Activity.

After the meeting

Complete the ‘Meeting Updates‘ tab and include any Sharing Tree ideas.

Using the information gathered from your match, try to identify a potential Sharing Tree activity that your match may be interested in offering and/or participating in.

Research the local area for activities that your match may be interested in attending. Use the Social Connection Activities Web-page, Council databases, The Sharing Tree, eventbrite, facebook for local groups/events, meetup, neighbourhood centre listings and any other local databases that you are aware of.

Organise attendance at any social connection activities that were committed to by your match. Investigate with the organiser, and, if a preference for your match, whether you could attend the initial meeting in a supportive role. Let your match know about any confirmed social activity details.

Add any social activities you identify through your research to the Social Connection Activities Web-page (for other Community Connector Volunteer use).