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As a “Community Connector Volunteer”,  you will support socially isolated participants to connect with the community and to engage in activities and groups that align with their interests, skills and/or abilities. You will also contribute to the development of the ‘Sharing Tree’.

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Uniting Vic Tas is looking for “Community Connector” Volunteers, who are:

  • Interested in connecting with people and building a sense of community:
  • Able to organize and plan;
  • Willing to commit at least three hours per week over one year; and
  • Welcoming and friendly to all types of people.
As a Community Connector, you will:
  • Support a socially isolated person to build sustainable and fulfilling connections in their community;
  • Research and identify potential social activities available;
  • Facilitate contact with social activity organisers;
  • Connect by phone, get-togethers via video, and in-person where possible; and
  • Connect with the opportunities presented by Uniting’s “The Sharing Tree” program.
As a Community Connector, you will benefit by:
  • Gaining a greater sense of community and belonging;
  • The satisfaction of being helpful to the community, sharing your skills, and making a positive difference in the life of a person experiencing social isolation;
  • Expanding your friendships and professional networks;
  • Gaining community development and facilitation experience;
  • Being part of a network of Community Connectors – sharing and learning;
  • Receiving engaging benefits through our volunteer reward system “The Sharing Tree”;
  • Being part of an innovative project, seeing it grow and develop; and
  • A greater sense of wellbeing, purpose, and meaning in your life.

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