How it works

Get Verified -> Earn points -> Spend points

Step 1: Get verified

Members sign-up online, via the phone, through one of our regular events, or, for eligible community members that need assistance, through a volunteer community connector (get in touch for more information about this supporting role).

The Sharing Tree team will follow-up with you through our safety and verification process. This safety and verification process is further outlined in the terms of service, and involves:

  • a satisfactory police records check (which you must repeat every 3 years)
  • an international police check (if you have lived outside of Australia in the last 10 years for 12 months or more)
  • a Statutory Declaration (if you were born outside of Australia and lived there for a period of time after turning 16)
  • a current Working with Children check
  • for those eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, evidence of full vaccination status (including obtaining further COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters as and when they become available and providing evidence of this to Uniting’s satisfaction).


Step 2: Earn points

Once a verified member, you can then list what you have to share. This can include:

  • completing a chore or task for another member
  • teaching something
  • trading in or lending out equipment
  • sharing a skill at one of our regular Sharing Tree events
  • helping out at one of our community services partners.

You can also earn points for receiving positive exchange feedback and for referring friends to the Sharing Tree network. Keep an eye on the “Requests” section of the Sharing Tree marketplace, as this is another way to earn points as per the needs of the Sharing Tree membership.

Step 3: Spend points

Points can be spent on:

  • getting help from other members
  • learning something new from another member
  • accessing activities across our small business partners, including local attractions, training courses or sporting or leisure activities.

You can use the search filters on the marketplace to see what is available to spend your points on in your local area. If there isn’t anything listed in your local area, check out the online opportunities that are available to you. If you would like to see something offered on the Sharing Tree, and you are willing to spend your points on it, list it as a “Request” on the marketplace. As the Sharing Tree network is just starting, keep an eye on these spend point opportunities as they grow and develop across Victoria.

Video Tutorials

How to create a listing

How to complete an exchange

Points Guide:


Activity Points Rules/Limits
Contribute one hour of your time to an exchange 10 Every hour of service/activity


Register and list two offers 20 One-time at registration
Register and list one offer 10 One-time at registration
Run an open activity/workshop with our regular Sharing Tree events 20 Every hour of service/activity


Refer a friend 4 Upon their successful registration


Submit member feedback 4 Per member/exchange


Note: Points and rules/limits can change at anytime without notice.

Need more information?  Check out our FAQ page.

Earn and spend points through the Sharing Tree marketplace.

These examples illustrate the types of activities that may be available through the Sharing Tree network.

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