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Becoming a Sharing Tree member will allow you to become part of a trusted and safe community that rewards you for sharing the things you love.

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Become a Sharing Tree member

Sharing Tree members can either be an individual community member, a small business member or a community group member. As a Sharing Tree member, you will be able to both earn and spend points through the marketplace.

Registration is FREE, quick and easy and for offering your first two (x2) listings, you will earn your first lot of bonus points to kick-start your exchanges.

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Earn points by:

  • Completing a task for someone
  • Teaching someone a skill
  • Lending out equipment
  • Volunteering time through community services partners.

Spend points by:

  • Getting help from another member
  • Learning something new from another member
  • Participating in arts and craft, leisure and sporting activities, visiting local attractions or attending training courses through small business partners.

We welcome people of all backgrounds, skills and experiences to get involved.

Need more information?  Check out our FAQ page.