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As a Community Group Earning Partner you are contributing to The Sharing Tree community.

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Strengthen and diversify your organisation, through business-community partnerships

The Sharing Tree focuses on offering members opportunities to increase their social and physical activity. Our earning partners provide opportunities for members to volunteer their time; whether it be a particular task that requires specialist skills, project based or on an ongoing basis.

At the invitation from Uniting Vic Tas, community groups/programs within targeted locations can become an “Earning” partner with the Sharing Tree. A Sharing Tree “Earning” partner can provide their own volunteering activities for inclusion on the Sharing Tree platform. The Sharing Tree will reward these volunteers for engaging in “Earning” partner activities through the provision of points.

Benefits to becoming a community group earning partner

  • Recognise and reward your volunteers in a new way
  • Increase awareness about your services to a wider audience
  • Introduce new skill sets into your volunteer base
  • Belong to a connected and supportive community services sector.

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