The Weekly Guide

Week 2 - Open Learning Activity

At the meeting

A. Check-in:

How has the last week/fortnight (since you last met) been for your match? What has worked well/not so well over that period?

Recap on what to expect over the next month and the program aims. ie. Your role is to support your match to connect with the community. As such, you will progress through a few activities over the next month to get to know the interests of your match.

B. Activity:

Build on identifying the passions, talents and values of your match by completing the first Open Learning Activity

After the meeting

Complete the ‘Meeting Updates‘ tab with the information you obtained as soon as possible.

Start researching the local area for activities/events that meet the interests of your match with the information you have so far. Use our Social Connection Activities Web-page, Council databases, facebook for local groups/events, meetup, neighbourhood centre listings/programs and any other local databases/networks you are aware of.

Add any social activities you identify through your research to the Social Connection Activities Web-page (for other Community Connector Volunteers to use).