The Weekly Guide

Ongoing - Keeping it Diverse and Fresh

At the meeting

Check-in regarding attendance at any community based social activities. What is working; what are some of  the challenges? Use these learnings to direct your research for future participation/contribution opportunities.

Keep exploring this consolidated list of Open Learning Questions. Things change, the confidence of your  match will improve and they may be open to new learnings/experiences as you progress.

Discuss potential social activities and plan for future participation options. Check-in whether your match  wants you to continue attending initial connection activities or to contact organisers, or whether they are happy  to follow-up (as their confidence increases, we need to create space for their self empowerment). Keep tabs on these social connection activity developments for the Meeting Updates section.

Discuss Sharing Tree opportunities, including: Potential needs and contributions within the Sharing Tree (including confirming any up and coming commitments/dates for exchange; whether joint contributions would assist until your match is feeling confident)

Encouraging/confirming attendance at Sharing Tree events on a regular basis.

After the meeting

Complete the ‘Meeting Updates‘ tab with any new information (including ideas for future meetings) after  every meeting.

Keep researching our “Social Activities Web-page” for relevant activities and communicate ideas to your match for feedback. Add any social activities you identify through your research to the Social Activities Web-page (for other Community Connector Volunteer use).

If requested, keep organising attendance at any social connection activities agreed to by your match. Let your match know about any confirmed activity details.

Keep connected with other community connector volunteers through the Discussion page  and attend any program related events.

Follow-up on the Sharing Tree, including:

Refresh Sharing Tree offers every few months to facilitate new opportunities/keep building on experiences. Keep revisiting and building on the information you have obtained from the open learning activities to assist this.

Keep updated on new Sharing Tree exchange opportunities and progress exchange opportunities on behalf of your match. Web-site use tutorials  are available on the Sharing Tree.