Smartphone Photography and Editing with Natalia (online)

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Do you want to know how to take pretty pictures of the places and people around you to share on social media? Or professional photos of your wares as a small business? Or better snaps of your gigs for more impactful publicity.

Learn to compose images that have an impact and stay on the viewers’ minds.

Whether for personal memories or promoting your wares, composing and creating expressive, quality images is an extremely useful skill. And smartphones mean the ability is at our fingertips.

But it does take a bit of practices. A few tips and tricks from professional photographer, Natalia, will certainly help you get the most from your smartphone camera.

Come join us in creating picture-perfect moments with your smartphone.

You’ll learn practical tips that are easy to understand!

What will we cover?
In this class we will discuss:

Basic smartphone photography hacks.
Free creative apps to help you enhance your pictures.
Social media options to share your images with your friends and family (with bonus tips and tricks on using Instagram).
What will you need?
**Please download Snapseed and VSCO cam prior to attending the class.

Closed Captions
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Auslan Interpreter Upon Request
Who will be teaching?

Natalia Naa (she/her) is a Melbourne based intimate portraiture and boudoir photographer who creates ethereal images that captures the essence of rawness, beauty, and femininity.

Her style of imagery has been described as elegant, dreamy, romantic and intimate. Drawing from her background in psychology and her fascination in the arts, she strives to tell the unique stories of her subjects in the photographs she takes.

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