Ruth Allen – Introductory Glass Blowing Workshop

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Want to pick up a new unique hobby? Why not try out Ruth Allen's beginner-friendly glassblowing workshop in Melbourne and learn how to make your own glass art pieces from scratch!

In this intensive workshop, you'll begin with a safety introduction and learn about the 'Hot Shop' floor, as well as all the tools you'll be using. With guidance from a friendly expert glassblower, you'll then be guided through the step by step process of gathering molten glass from the furnace and learn how to colour it too.

After mastering your solid glass paperweight, you'll then get the chance to make your very own vessel, typically a drinking tumbler! Please note in August 2022, we'll be working with blue glass, rather than clear, but you'll still be able to add your own colours to your creations!

Looking for unique gift experiences for a keen creative? Why not join this fun glassblowing workshop in Melbourne and connect with like-minded people as you learn new skills.

Please note:
Participants must be fully vaccinated to attend workshops and will be asked to present their vaccination certificates upon arrival.
The glass pieces you make during your workshop will have to cool down gradually in a kiln overnight to avoid cracking. In most cases, you may collect your work the following afternoon or arrange another time. For those not in a position to collect their work, we can freight it to you for an extra minimal cost.

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