Pottery Workshop: Make Your Own Unique Mug

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Learn how to make your own unique mug in this Sydney workshop! You will discover many possibilities of building that perfect mug without using a pottery wheel.

Your mug can have a handle or not, be tall and slim or wide and short, with a belly or without. And it can also be in your favourite colours inside and out.

Your teacher Irina will demonstrate making a unique texture pattern or marble effect and a hand-built cylinder mug.

You will be supplied with sufficient materials to build your mug and to apply the amount of colourants to your wet piece, prior to firing.

Your teacher will also instruct you on how and where to fire your piece and all the rest you need to do to complete your perfectly functional mug and be able to drink your morning tea or coffee from your art piece. It does feel great drinking from something hand-built!
Valid for one class, for one person. Get in contact for more details.

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