Learn Figurative Sculpting for Beginners

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The skill of figurative sculpting is very applicable in the modern world. From character development to model-making to film and stage production and even interior design. Once you conquer it, you will be capable of sculpting pretty much any shape you want.

Getting there takes a lot of practice and this live online class can help you on that journey by systematically developing a portrait sculpture of a person from basic geometric shapes. Your experienced teacher Irina, a professional sculptor herself, will instruct you on what to pay attention to.

Finally, you will learn what to do with sculptures once you finish them, how to preserve them or make them functional. Your teacher will direct you on how to continue sculpting once the class has ended.

During the class, your teacher will be sculpting with you and will demonstrate everything in order to follow and guide you in your progress.

You can attend this class as many times as you like, as this skill takes a bit of dedication. Class numbers are limited to five people so that you will always get your chance to ask questions and receive assistance.

Knowledge required: All levels welcome.

What you'll get in your craft kit:
Air Drying Clay block suitable for a small bust or portrait - 700- 750 g. It’s a professional-grade air drying clay
One wooden and one metal tool for sculpting
Wooden sculpture stand
Small paint container (5-7)g for patina
One small paintbrush

What you'll need:
Aluminium foil (about 1-2 m)
If you would like to sculpt a specific person, please have some photo references ready

Valid for one class, for one person. Get in touch for more details.

Note: it gets messy, please take that into account.

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