How to Create a Winning CV and LinkedIn Profile with John (Online)

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Your CV and LinkedIn Profile are your personal sales brochures. You are selling YOU!

If you’re not standing out and letting your amazing capabilities shine, then you are missing out on what could be the most epic career you could have.

As an ex-recruiter, you can imagine how many CV’s and LinkedIn profiles workshop facilitator John has trawled through, looking for great candidates.

He has seen the good and the no-so-good, so he know what it takes to create a successful CV and LinkedIn profile to help you land your next job!

What will we cover?
In this workshop John is going to teach you practical tips, techniques and clever hacks that will get your CV and LinkedIn profile noticed.

You will learn how to:

✔️ Create a standout About Me section that communicates your brand and value
✔️ Clearly articulate your skills and areas of expertise
✔️ Skilfully communicate your work experience and achievements
✔️ Make your LinkedIn profile stand out with a catchy headline
✔️ Create an ATS friendly CV that is easily scanned by recruiters
✔️ Avoid the classic mistakes that sabotage your job applications

Join John for this jam-packed session and set you up for success right from the beginning.

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