Foodie Trails – Traditional Sri Lankan Cooking Class

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Be enticed with the glorious aromas and flavours of Sri Lanka as you learn, cook and eat traditional meals that are shared in homes every day. The aromatic roasted spices, flavoursome herbs and the combinations of these used in creating mouth-watering dishes will leave your taste buds asking for more...

While there are some similarities with Indian subcontinent cuisine these are mostly in the spices used and the concept of curry. In reality, Sri Lankan cuisine is influenced by its Dutch, Malay, Tamil and Singhalese backgrounds.

Your host is Delreen, who has a passion for cooking. Her cultural heritage of Burgher & Singhalese background brings a unique quality to her cooking classes as she shares her stories, tips, tricks and cultural heritage with you.


• Combinations of spices and their uses to create specialised dishes

• Professionally run

• Special meals

Class Duration:

The class is approx 3 hrs in duration. All participants will be given the opportunity to prepare and cook. Participants will be provided with knife kits, and utilise commercial cooking equipment supplied by our venue.

Recipe Pack:

Each participant receives a recipe pack so they have all the information to prepare this meal at home for friends and family.

Venue :

Coatesville Bowling Club

62 Mackie Rd, Bentleigh East VIC 3165

More Information:

The class is not a cooking course it is an informal session where we learn the basics and share our experiences. We are not professional chefs just home taught by our families and enjoy cooking and celebrating with food. Come for an afternoon of fun, and celebration with food.

Voucher valid for 1 class for 1 person. Get in touch for more information...

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