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The region of East Africa has been influenced by so many empires, travelers, and traders. With these influences the flavours of East African cuisine are varied yet simple, filling and staples. You will often find a porridge made from maize called ugali as an alternative to rice being served with stews. The mashed plantain dish of matoke is also a favourite.

Meat is an important part of the diet as the regions of Kenya and Tanzania have many cattle herders. Spices have been traded through the region from India to Europe for centauries and are commonly ground by each household to their taste.

When you come to an East African Coking class with Foodie Trails in Melbourne you will not only learn the basics of the flavours but also home cooking by traditional chefs.

Your hosts:

Abderazzaq and Shukri are home cooks who love to share their culture through food. The couples’ cooking is best classified as East African and reflects their Somali heritage and growing up in Kenya and Tanzania.

Shukri Abdikarim started cooking when she was nine years old. She would write recipes from her mother, aunties, and friends in a big black book that is the trusted source of many tried and tested recipes (she still has the same book!).

Shukri grew up in the ancient city of Mombasa, a melting pot for immigrants from Iran, Portugal, Oman, Yemen, Somalia, and the Indian sub-continent.

Abderazzaq Noor spent much of his childhood helping out in the family restaurant which specialised in Somali cuisine. This was the start of his appreciation for good food and cooking.

Abderazzaq’s other loves of history and writing led him to start a food blog where he and Shukri develop and curate recipes from Somali and other cultures.

What we will cook:

Pilau ya nyama – a Swahili phrase that translates as aromatic rice cooked with meat (A similar dish is called Bariis Iskukaris in Somali (this means one pot rice or rice cooked with something e.g. meat or vegetables). This dish is cooked all over Somalia, Kenya and Tanzania.

Kachumbari – tomato and onion salad – this salad has its origin in India where it is called kachumbar. It is popular along the East African coast.
Yoghurt, mint and chilli sauce – great to have with anything. Try it as a salad dressing or a dip for chips.

Somali shaah – black tea infused in spices.

Class Duration:

The class is 3 hours in duration.


All participants will be given the opportunity to prepare and cook.

Participants will be provided with knives/utensils and utilise commercial cooking equipment supplied by our venue.

Recipe Pack:

Each participant receives a recipe pack so they have all the information to prepare this meal at home for friends and family.

Venue: Coatesville Bowling Club

62 Mackie Rd, Bentleigh East VIC 3165

More Information:

The class is not a cooking course it is an informal session where we learn the basics and share our experiences. We are not professional chefs just home taught by our families and enjoy cooking and celebrating with food. Come for an afternoon/evening of fun, and celebration with food.

Voucher valid for 1 in person cooking class for 1 person. Get in touch for more information...

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