Deep Time Walk

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Partnership with CERES Community Environment Park

Duration: 3hrs

This 4.6km walk, through CERES and along the Merri Creek, represents the 4.6 billion years of Earth’s history. Distance is a powerful tool to help us understand vast time scales, and along the walk we will stop to discuss the key moments in the development of our planet. A Deep Time Walk is storytelling through walking, it is a learning journey through our body, mind and soul, it is a beautiful way to tell the story of life. Part history lesson, part mindfulness session this walk is all about stepping out of our lives and seeing the biggest picture.

In the course of this immersive, interdisciplinary experience you will:

- Grasp the real meaning of 4,600,000,000 years, the age of our home, and put its history into perspective.
- Learn about the Gaia hypothesis of a self-regulating planet.
- Explore the destructive impact our species is having on the living world.

"A very well presented and engaging way to reflect on the earth, its history and human impact."

Paul, April 2021

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