The Weekly Guide

Week 4 - Open Learning Activity

At the meeting

A. Check-in:

What has been working/not working for your match over the last week/fortnight?

Share your social activity ideas and obtain feedback and (if your match is ready) commitment to attend one of these (and explore whether your attendance at the initial event would assist).

If you feel the timing suits, you can suggest your ideas for engaging with the Sharing Tree. Investigate whether this first exchange could be something you both work on together (to assist with confidence building). You could either offer something as an individual exchange or as part of a monthly Sharing Tree event (if this is more comfortable for your match). Remind your match that for attending the monthly Sharing Tree events, they will receive bonus points (this is only available for our Community Connector clients).

B. Activity:

Complete the third Open Learning Activity.

After the meeting

Complete the ‘Meeting Updates‘ tab with the new information you have obtained and any ideas for the next meeting.

If agreed by your match, add a listing on behalf of your match to the Sharing Tree . Keep identifying potential Sharing Tree activities on behalf of your match (for discussion at the next meeting).

If agreed, organise attendance at any social connection activities that were committed to by your match. Investigate with the organiser and, if preferred by your match, whether you could attend the initial meeting in a supportive role. Let your match know about any confirmed activity details.

Use the Social Connection Activities Web-page and other databases/resources to search for activities that would suit the interests of your match. Add any social activities you identify through your research to the Social Connection Activities Web-page (for other Community Connector Volunteer use).