The Weekly Guide

Week 1 - Introducing Yourself

At the meeting

A. Introducing yourself:

Share a bit about yourself:
Why did you join the program? What’s important to you (ie. “Talents, Passions and Values”)?

Explain the program objectives:
Your role is to support your match to connect with the community through their interests, capacities and curiosities. You will progress through a few activities over the next month to get to know the interests of your match and to work out the best way for you to support their community connection.

Decide on timeframes: What will work for you both in terms of regular visits?

B. Getting to know your match:

Open Conversation:

What is working well for your match at the moment? What does a good day look like? What makes it a good day?

What is your match feeling good about? What is something your match does to feel good?

What is the favourite part of the day for your match? Why? How does your match like to spend their time? What does your match like to do/achieve?

What does your match enjoy doing? What does your match do to relax? What excites your match? What makes your match feel satisfied?

Ask your match to share a couple of points regarding their “Talents, Passions and Values”.

For drawing out more information, use the following open questions:

  • Tell me more about that?
  • How did you become involved with that?
  • How did that make you feel?
  • What was that experience like?
  • What have you learned from being involved with that?

After the meeting

Complete the “Meeting Updates” tab with the key information you obtained as soon as possible (noting anything that may be useful for planning the community connection activities of your match in the near future)…