Thread Den Sewing Basics 3 week course for beginners

person sewing green textile using white electric sewing machine
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Enjoy nine hours of tuition where you learn to sew from the very beginning - no experience necessary! We'll take you through all the basics of sewing; understanding the sewing machine, sewing technique and how to troubleshoot problems at the machine yourself.

We'll introduce you to terminology, tools, patterns, fabric anatomy, cutting technique and achieving professional results. You'll get to know what you want in a sewing machine if you haven't yet purchased one.


Workshop 1:

Identifying the parts of the sewing machine
Learn to thread and set up the sewing machine
Learn essential techniques including; feeding and guiding the fabric, straight stitching, backstitching, basting, pivoting, zig-zag stitching, applique and sewing at seam allowances
Hemming and finishing with pinking shears
Pressing and getting professional results
Starting to use patterns while making a fabric wallet
Workshop 2:

Fabric anatomy and how that relates to the pattern markings
Pinning fabrics, tracing patterns and cutting technique
Types of interfacing and how to use
Types of zips, their uses and tools/feet required
Inserting a regular centred zip in a toiletries case
Boxing out corners
Workshop 3:

Understanding more pattern markings
Assembling a bag with a full lining
How to sew darts
Middle pining and manipulating fabric
Bagging out
AND you'll make three projects - a handy wallet, toiletries case and a bag!

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