How to Have an Existential Crisis with Jessie (Online)

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Anxiey, anguish, and nausea. These are the gifts of human existence. At least according to some philosophers.

In this class, we’ll take a romp through existential theory in order to think together about how to navigate an existential crisis.

Though Sartre and Beauvoir provide no easy answers, their work invites us to reckon with difficult questions about our relationship to ourselves and the world.

This class is intended for people who are new existentialism and may appeal to those who are interested in questions related to freedom, responsibility, purpose, and meaning.

What will we cover?
In this class we will explore:

• Key concepts in existentialism such as freedom and bad faith
• Sartre’s existential theory, with a twist of Beauvoir
• What existentialism can teach us about navigating a crisis of meaning
• Resources for ongoing learning
What will you need?
The space to sit with ambiguity

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